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Agility Training, Quarterback Coaching, Individual and Group Camps
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Michael Robinson

Owner, Youth Mentor, Athletic Trainer
Michael Robinson began his athletic career as a multi-sport athlete in a Class 6A high school. He later attended college on an athletic scholarship to a Division III University. He was able to translate the insights he gained from sports into later successes in the workplace. With the desire to increase his skill-sets in mentoring and training, he has trained as a mentor for at risk youth as well as joined the ranks of foster parenting over the past 7 years. 2016 was the inception of his business Ascension Athletics & Mentoring, which combines youth athletics and life skill building.

My vision and passion is to assist and guide young people to achieve their ultimate athletic goals but, more importantly, I want to be help put great people in the world and be a part of that maturation process.

What We Do

Our Mission: Empowering youth to embark on a journey of self-discovery through sport.

Comprehensive and individual athletic curriculum. Each athlete receives agility training as it pertains to the sport they are playing as well as depending on the level of play they are accustomed to. Each athlete also receives mentoring to develop a plan for where they envision their athletic career as well as avenues to utilize their training in other areas of life.

QB Training
Laying the foundation of a great fundamental base. Focus on footwork combined with arm mechanics. Emphasis onthe qb thought process throughout the game.
Agility Training
Building proper running mechanics and footwork. Develop elusiveness and increased speed. Core training S.A.Q. (Speed Agility Quickness) also on balance.
Film Evaluation
In depth play by play film evaluation. Insights provided to enhance players effectiveness during game scenarios.
The Ascension Approach
Whole Body Health
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Fitness Training
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Clean Eating
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Our Staff
Meet the brains behind Ascension Athletics
Michael Robinson
Krystal Robinson
Robie Jones
Youth Coach/Mentor
Our results speak for themselves.
“My son has been with Coach Mike for two years including flag football, basketball, and special wide receiver training. The knowledge that he has passed on to my son is immeasurable. He has greatly benefitted by learning more than the average 10 year old about sports, but he also teaches him lessons about school and life. It is such a joy to know that people like Coach Mike are out there for our kids!”
Jerry Gabbert
“Michael understands the importance of athletics and its role in youth development. Michael worked with my male adolescents at The University of Texas Charter School System where he mentored. I trust his judgement and passion for this work.”
M.M., Sr.
“Coach Mike has really helped my son improve. He has boosted his confidence on and off the court. His love for basketball and willingness to become a leader are owed to this program.”
Ashton Williams
“The coaching team makes practice time fun for the kids and, at the same time, incorporating the values of discipline, goal-setting, camaraderie and individual responsibility!”
Lourdes Malu

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